Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why is Chinking Important?

Log cabins are very nice to look at. They’re posh and classic. But what makes you think that they last for so long a time given that wooden materials can easily wear out compared to cement? Chinking does the job. It makes sure that the logs covering the house are well in tact. It seals the crevices and gaps between logs to prevent it from cracking and wearing out.

Why is it important to make sure that log cabin chinking is done when constructing your home? Well. Simply because a log cabin wouldn’t look as good as it is without it. Apart from that it won’t even be as close to a clean and posh house once it becomes infested with insects, when dust and moisture enters the openings of the material and what could be worse, when water seeps through. You can imagine what happens when a wooden material becomes wet. Bad weather really is a big threat to that cozy home so you’ve got to make sure it’s well protected.

There are various kinds of chinking tools sold in depots and log home stores. You can choose from a variety of basic fixes like the ones applied in-between logs and through crevices. After the chinking material is applied, a smooth finish has to be brushed through in order to carefully seal the material.

These two have to be compatible to make sure that water, unwanted air, moisture, dust and insect infiltration does not happen soon. Maintenance will be minimal if the finish is good. What must be the best producer of chinking products and finishes? You better check the nearest depot now and make sure that your log cabin stays posh and cozy!

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