Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chinking Recipe: A Do It Yourself (DIY) Homemade Mixture

Chinking products can be made from a solution similar to a cement mixture. In fact, it can be done on your own provided you have the proper tools and materials. In this way, saves your time from going to the stores and money in paying for the mixtures.

What are the benefits of creating a homemade chinking? First, it costs lesser than buying ready made mixtures. It also has a better quality performance compared to synthetic mixtures. You can keep the remaining mixture and use it for restoration purposes because it can last all year round.Recipe for Homemade Chinking

These are the ingredients and materi
als which you will need:

  • First mixture: water, cement supply, masonry lime and sand
  • Second mixture: water, stock of ashes, clay and silt
  • Materials: large size wheelbarrow, shovel, working gloves, heavy duty boots, and putty knife.

There are two mixtures which you can follow. The second one is a more historic or authentic recipe used for log cabins that was built many years ago. Both offer a stable commercial like mixture and a cost effective homemade like substance.

  1. Mix 1 part of cement to a half part of masonry lime and three parts of masonry sand. Pour in enough amount of water; combine the mixture until you can attain a consistency similar to cookie dough. It must not be too wet as not to slide through the chinks during application.
  2. Mix two parts clay, a half part of silt and one part of ash. You need to sift the ashes to get rid of rock-solid pieces. Pour enough amount of water to create a thick solution. Combine until you can attain a consistency similar to wet cement.

log homes can be made during the construction or few years after. It does the finishing touches to your log cabins. It can also warm your homes and protect from harm against any bugs and strong weather conditions.

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